The desire to run my own consulting and style service was a long held wish that came to life during a visit to the luxury boutiques in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. The turquoise sea, the white sand, the tranquility and the escape from everyday life all contributed to the joyous beginning of the Pinkguitar Design Studio.  A gift of a ukulele, the colour of pink Plumeria flowers, seemed to embody the very soul of the island and it became the inspiration for the name.  And so, a passion for the beauty in life, fashion, food, fitness and style was born.

The team at Pinkguitar Design Studio invite you into an aesthetic engagement with us.  If you need a new start, a new look or even just a new pair of shoes, our image consultant my be for you.  Your new stylist-friend can transition into your decorator or your party planner.  Sound interesting?  Why not bring a friend or two along on a shopping adventure...perhaps to a tropical island, New York City or a spin around Calgary's wealth of retail treasures.

Yolanda Van Dyck, is the founder and creative director of the Canadian based image consulting and style firm, Pinkguitar Design Studio.

We are your style consultant for your residence, your life and for you.  We serve, with a generosity of spirit; all our clients and colleagues.  We save you time and money and make you the recipient of our VIP SERVICE.

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