Personal Services -Not Just For Celebrities
  1. Image Consultant Sessions
  2. Stylist Sessions
  3. Personal Shopping Service
  4. Home Staging & Decor Package
  5. Anti-Aging Lifestyle Adviser

The Image Consultant Sessions

  •     Offers you guidance to achieve your best overall appearance.
  •     Adventuring off on a business interview?
  •     The first impression is everything.

The Stylist Sessions

  •     Facilitates the perfection of your Signature Style.
  •     Offers wardrobe and closet consultation.
  •     Assist with special occasion and travel wardrobe.

The Personal Shopping Service

  •     A time saving service that shops for you.
  •     Searches for Hard-To-Find Gifts and Custom Baskets.
  •     We specialize in grocery and clothing shopping.


The Home Staging & Decor Package

  •     Planning on selling your home?  We offer advice on the best furnishings
  •     and accessories to high-lite your home's best qualities.
  •     Are you hosting a party and need inspiration?


The Anti-Aging Lifestyle Adviser

  •     Help you develop and design a holistic anti-aging regime.
  •     We assist you with decision making to improve your daily life,

              establish goals and monitor progress.

  •     Assist you in adopting a healthier more nutritious diet.
  •     Are you searching for a healthier, younger you?

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